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Built for durability and comfort, the Black Mountain Products chin-up bar is a compact, results-oriented fitness training tool for strengthening and developing your shoulders, back, arms, chest, abs, and more.They work great if used correctly and require very little of your time.

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These 7 pullup bars are the best bet for mastering pullups at home, from free standing racks to door units.Making a DIY Pull Up Bar in 5 Simple Steps Step 1: Glue and Screw Flanges to Pipe.Built for durability and comfort, this is the ultimate muscle fitness training tool to strengthen and develop your shoulders, back, arms, and abs, and more.Its versatile uses include pull-ups, chin-ups, hanging leg raises, sit-ups and crunches.

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This bar has seen countless improvements, many from customer feedback, to give you the best doorway pull up bar for your money.Having the option to do pull-ups or chin-ups, even hanging abs with medicine balls whenever you want is a real game changer.

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Being able to remove the bar means you do not have to live with the sight of a pullup bar constantly in your doorway.If you want to work out your bicep and back muscles, you need to be doing pull-ups.It can also be used on the floor for pushups, dips, and sit-ups etc.

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The pull-up is one of the simplest and most effective exercises you can do to carve up your upper body—back, arms, chest and shoulders—as well as firm up your core.

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If that is not the case, you can stuff some magazines under the door to give it extra support.

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However, when shopping for these door frame pull-up bars, pay special attention to the dimensions of the bar and what size frames they work on to ensure you can get a proper fit.

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Doorway pull up bars are quite the rage today because of the simple but effective nature of the product.Chinups are great, because they work your upper body, as well as your core (by requiring that you hold your balance while you lift yourself).

The over the door pull up bar is positioned over a door, and the door must be closed to use it.

Adjustable Width Doorway Pull Up Bar The Ultimate Body Press Pull Up Bar is the perfect addition to every home gym.Telescopic pull up bars (or doorway chin up bars, the name is interchangeable) twist to extent and wedge themselves between the uprights of your doorframe, they stay in place either from pure friction or with cups, which you attach onto the doorframe to support either end.

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The Garren Fitness Maximiza Pull-up Bar is a perfect addition to any home gym workout for upper-body strength and toning.

I bought this pull up bar after doing a lot of searching and comparing online and in stores.One of the harder parts of this project is figuring out how to easily connect the bar to the posts.

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But in general, pull up bars, aka, chin up bars, are composed of metal, some kind of foam or rubber grip, have a means of being secured to a doorframe, wall, or ceiling, and enable a person to raise themselves off the ground using a variety of upper body muscles including arms, back, shoulders, and chest.

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The Rubberbanditz multi-functional training bar is versatile and easy to install, so you can strengthen and tone your arms, back, chest and core with one piece of equipment.